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    'Very sad': At least 13 dead after truck slams into SUV carrying 25 near U.S.-Mexico border

    At least 13 people died after an SUV with 25 passengers collided with a semitruck full of gravel near the U.S.-Mexican border in California on Tuesday.

  • Associated Press

    PHOTOS: 1 month in Myanmar under military control

    The hopes of building a robust democracy in Myanmar were shattered when the powerful military toppled the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy party in a coup Feb. 1. In the month since, the mass protests occurring each day are a sharp reminder of the long and bloody struggle for democracy in a country where the military ruled directly for more than five decades. When the army blocked Parliament from convening and detained Suu Kyi and others in her government the day of its takeover, it alleged the most recent election was tainted by fraud.

  • AFP News

    Covax: Indonesia among the biggest recipients of free COVID vaccine

    Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia will be among the biggest recipients of free Covid-19 vaccines before June -- more than 10 million doses each -- the Covax scheme announced Tuesday.

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    Prince Charles 'withdraws financial support' for Harry, Meghan

    Clarence House was previously in charge of handling any mail sent for the Sussexes. But that will soon change.

  • USA TODAY Entertainment

    Dolly Parton gets 'dose of her own medicine' with COVID-19 shot, rewrites 'Jolene' about vaccine

    Exhale, country music lovers. Dolly Parton has received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Reuters

    Bitcoin extends retreat from record high to hit lowest in 20 days

    Bitcoin dropped 6.39% to $43,165.78 on Sunday, losing $2,944.20 from its previous close. Bitcoin, the world's biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, has fallen 26% from the year's high of $58,354.14 on Feb. 21 when it soared amid increasing confidence that it will become a mainstream investment and payments vehicle. Major firms such as BNY Mellon, asset manager BlackRock Inc and credit card giant Mastercard Inc have backed cryptocurrencies.